Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 can sod directly off

I am officially done with this year.

The last straw was taking Nehemiah to the vet for an emergency visit this morning.  His glucose was off the charts and he was having a diabetic crisis.  He stayed at the vet for a few hours getting fluids and wolfed down the majority of a can of cat food.  We now have a bag of fluids to pump into him for the next 3 days and he got his first shot of insulin.  We are going to get very good at handling needles and test strips.  He even has his very own glucose meter.   

Naturally that didn't cost anything at all.... :sigh:

He pee'd all over me on the way home and is now cuddled next to me in the breeze of the laptop exaust.  The vet is confident that he will be ok so we are relieved to know that.

Still, 2009 can go f' itself.

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setembrina said...

Let us hope for a much better 2010!