Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winter is here

The snow has finally stopped.  It certainly was a proper storm, haven't seen it's like for over a decade. 

West St Paul is much better at clearing the streets than our old neighborhood.  It was a stark contrast when we ventured out to the east side to tend to another home under our care.  We were the nice people ("saps") who agreed to shovel out 2 homes over the holiday for their absent owners.  It wasn't too bad on Thursday and Friday but today there was a giant layer of ice everywhere.  Ick. 

My parents and sister made it on the roads for Friday.  We ate way too much (cannot stop eating frosted cut out cookies), even with the snow shoveling I did not burn up the extra calories this weekend.  Oh well.  I did work out today and will again tomorrow.  Hopefully I can push the cookies off on the gamers coming Sunday.

The winter snow emergency is lifted and while we may be getting a few more flurries this week, it won't be the foot plus that we already have.

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