Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Knitting

I finally knitted up the Rudy kit that I won in the auction at the Minnesota Knitters Guild last December.  It is SO cute!  I stretched the yarn to make 2 and I want to pick up some more wool and make several more.

One went to K&L's daughter and one went to DJ.  He promptly flung it about and had a lovely time at my birthday party.  (He did a smashing job as Deep Thought.....)

I also made a hat for another friend's baby (which I hope to surprise them with when they are in town). 

I have a dishcloth on the needles and I need to cast on a pair of stockings for my friend.  I also need to weave approx 3 yards of trim for another friend.  Good thing I have plenty of time on my hands, hopefully that will change in 2010.


twinsetellen said...

what a cute pair. And what a productive knitter!

Sarra Romney said...

Those are adorable.

And thank you for the lovely wedding present!

I keep meaning to ask you what the fiber content of the dishcloth is - I am guessing linen but my fiber-fu is not that good yet.

Liz said...

You are welcome and I'm glad you like it! The dishcloth is linen; actually a linen and rayon blend so it is meant to be tossed in the wash.

Sarra Romney said...

Fabulous! Thank you!

K said...

Niamh loves hers but the eyes did not last long. We learned an important lesson about how eyes are delicate. I'll be embroidering new eyes on shortly.