Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Rogue Monday week 9

Ok, back on track.

Didn't get a lot knitted, was busy re-checking my shoulder seam, and yep I was right the left shoulder was a couple rows shorter than the right, which is why it was pulling forward. Took out the seam, frogged it down before the shoulder shaping and added a couple rows, did the shaping and re-sewed. Looks MUCHO better. Molto Bene!

I got 26 rows of hood knitted so I'm well on my way. Pictures later. The cables look really nice. Soon I can begin the sleeves. I may have this done by June. Then I can block it, carefully fold it and wait for Autumn. ::sigh::

I'm thinking the East Side fiber enabelers will have to meet at my house in May since the current place will be a work zone that month.

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