Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Finished the grey socks

Kitchnered the toe on the second one this morning. Now to purchase something nice for P's mom, bake some cookies and ship it off for the holidays.

Tonight I am either participating in a demo, or I'm going shopping for yarn and baby shower gifts. Shower this Saturday for Misty. Hafla style baby! I'm planning to knit up something special for the baby to be. I'm also going to get some girly pampering things just for her since she has plenty of baby stuff from her other showers. I need to get something in the mail for my apprentice for her birthday on Sunday. ::plotting::

Last night I assisted in sewing with the college students. Brought the Singer that P bought on E-bay. I replaced the belt, oiled it and got it working several months ago and thought it should be utilized. Worked great! They were working on Japanese clothing, which I know zero about so I was not much help. There was one person who was working on a tunic and despite some issues with her pattern pieces we managed to complete it without much incident.

Just say NO to broadcloth! It's just wrong and icky.

The yarn for the Evil Plan (tm) is in!

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