Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Knitting for Babies

I think Yarn Harlot has tapped into some unseen power.

"Knit it and they will come"

A friend told me that upon completing a baby sweater, the recipient gave birth. Another friend has been trying to conceive and was told to "knit yourself a baby sweater", she just discovered that she is pregnant.

I think this is a disturbing trend, but it seemed to be a baby sweater related phenomena, until the following happened.

Saturday morning I was furiously knitting to finish the gifts for my friend's baby shower taking place at 3 that day. I finished the knitting at 1, got ready, and arrived at the party around 3:30. Upon my arrival I was informed that the guest of honor was in labor. Baby Jacob was born around 9pm. The items I made were a hat, booties and a knitted bear; no sweaters. Jacob wasn't due until December 28th.

I'm actually afraid to start on the sleeves of the Baby Dale sweater in case my completion will hasten the birth...although yesterday I started baby socks. I didn't know that yarn had this much power.


Guinifer said...

Bwa ha ha ha!!!
The power of the YARN!

Valkryie Knit this said...

I finished my nieces' sweater at 3:15 and she was born at 4:04 pm.