Thursday, October 12, 2006

as the snow flys

We have intermittent flurrys today. Nothing is sticking, but the pavement is damp with flakes hitting and melting. It's supposed to jump back up into the 50's this weekend. Tonight T's work is treating the employees to a ride on the Mississippi on a river boat. I suspect that it will be chilly. Good thing the lower deck is enclosed. I believe we will be having dinner as well. Should be a good time. Too bad the colors are past peak, but we may see a Bald Eagle or two. We will be on the Betsy Northrup.

I am making tremendous strides on the Sirdal. I am really happy with how it is turning out. The body is almost done and soon I will be starting on the sleeves. Then the steeking....please send beer and chocolate.

The front.

Detail of the top pattern.

View of the back.

This is supposed to fit 12 months, but it looks a bit big to me. Oh well that means he just gets to wear it longer. He'll be at the perfect age for it in winter of 2007. Hopefully he will be back in MN/WI with his parents. ::fingers crossed::

Here are the socks in progress for Dad. I like the pattern and it is an easy repeat.

Of course the success on the baby sweater has distracted me from the socks. It will be done soon and then I can go back to my more portable project.

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