Monday, October 09, 2006

Day of Arbeau

Very nice weekend, lovely weather and wonderful people.
The site was where Tarrach and Fina's coronation was held (low those many years ago). It's a beautiful site.

Shhhhh...Pyxis exploring nature....

Merouda and I near the ampitheater.

On the way home on Sunday my travel companion and I stopped in Chippewa Falls for ice cream and a drive through Irvine Park. The quick "10 minutes" turned into most of an hour.

We looked at all the animals, fed the ducks and geese, admired all the beautiful fall color and fed the Elk. Just like old times. :::sigh::: The big bull elk came right up to the fence, but he was far more interested in the female elk, then in our dandelion greens. Thought we were going to see nature in action. "Laurels gone wild!!!!"

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