Monday, October 16, 2006


The weekend was wonderful. Finally a weekend at home with no worries, no appointments, no running about. Lovely. This did mean that I missed my friend becoming the next Princess of Northshield. poo!

Friday night (Friday the 13th) we started everything out right by going to 2 haunted houses. Our favorite was first: Fright Farm! This is run by the Ramesy County Police Dept and proceeds raised benefit DARE. Excellent time and well worth the $6. The other haunted house was on West 7th in Saint Paul and it was their first year in production. They were pretty good! The cost was $6 if you brought in a canned food donation and they had collected quite a stack by the time we got there. I hope that they do well and come back. The sets were really great.

A bunch of the group decided to go to Pine haven, which we went to last year. We decided to bail and go home.

Saturday I slept in late and woke to a call from friends to join them for lunch. We grabbed P from his artistic endeavors at Mosaic on a Stick and went to Mirror for Korean. YUM! I got dropped off at home and started back on the laundry and cleaning projects. Got the upstairs vacumed and the flannel sheets put on the bed for winter. I also dusted and swept everywhere and cleaned up the cat boxes. P surprised me with an early b-day present: my own LAP TOP! YAY! He got it free from work and boy is it sweet. Now I can have my own lap top to use for my classes. Now I just need to get the wireless hooked up. A. loaned me a mouse and I sat and played Diablo 2 Expansion Sunday night. Awesome!

Sunday was more of the same with a major overhaul of the Living Room including de-cluttering the desk from hell! I cleaned it off completely, filed papers, threw stuff in recycling and shredding and set up our Halloween Village. I put out decorations of the season around the living room as well. YAY festive!

This photo was taken last year and I think the village looks far better this year. I want to buy a couple more houses though.... All the items are from LEMAX Spooky Town. I just love setting up the village every year!

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