Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Home again

What a whirlwind this weekend. First I will start by posting the link to my apprentice's flickr folder with pictures that she took on Saturday and Sunday. I am especially pleased how my new red wool gown turned out, even though I now seem to have 40 chins, ick.

Can I just say how completely impressed I was with the stuff the Barony of Sternfeld did for this demo. WOW!!! There were roughly 35 (maybe more) members of the Barony present wearing period kit, demonstarting periods arts, using period tools and techniques and educating the public. I overheard one patron say the following Sunday morning, "oh good, here is the SCA display, they are my favorite." I kid you not!!!

Best moments of the weekend:
Cooking Welsh cakes over the fire
Chopping wood for the fire and feeling all butch
Showing a teen Boy Scout and Troop Leader how to use flint and steel
Speaking to people about period food
Getting a patron to realize that yes different foods require different levels of heat
Sucessfully roasting a joint of meat on a spit
Meeting everyone in Sternfeld

Saturday threatened to be stormy and Sunday was warm and sunny.
I am exausted from driving 11 hours on Monday, but it was so worth it. I deffinately want to go back next year if I can.


Beth said...

It was wonderful to have you here! The Welsh cakes were awesome and you looked totally period (I'm so not worthy). We didn't actually get introduced, but I was one of the leatherworkers (though I'd have much rather been knitting).

Glad you made it home safe, and hope to see you again soon. Hug Danr and Katriona for me.


Liz said...

I will be sure to pass on greetings, Margaret. Maybe we can break out the knitting next time.