Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stocking KAL

Evil...... The minions have been gathered, the yarn is chosen, the patterns distributed. We have over 3 months to complete our assignment. 10 pairs of wool stockings. Our inspiration.

My test pair is nearing the heel flap. I'm using Louet Gems Opal in Natural. It is so soft and nice. I really like how the clocks look. I think the three skeins should be enough for the pair. I will have them done in plenty of time for BH. For the KAL we will be using Jagger yarn from the Main Line in 2/8 weight and natural. We hope to use size 2 needles for the evil project, I am currently using zeros and it isn't that bad.

I finished the grey sock for my dad, need to start # 2. I just started the sleeves for the baby sweater when I was distracted by stockings so I need to get back to that too. The body is done except for steeking and button bands.

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Anonymous said...

All this stuff you make is so pretty. Makes me wish I wore socks. :)