Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dye Job

Dyeing happened on Monday with G2. The yarn weighed in at 320 gr and we dyed it a Bright Scarlet using Jacquard Acid Dye from Dharma Trading Company. There area couple spots where the dye is a bit uneven so I plan to overdye the skeins again sometime next week. The process was not as daunting as I imagined and I am thrilled with the color!!! So pretty.

First we did a test strip with a small amount of wool. Here is the before and after.

Next we washed the wool and rinsed it several times. Icky dirty water.

We put the wet wool in 2 gallons of water with 4 tsp of white vinegar in a pot and placed it on the stove to come up to a simmer.

The dye was mixed in a quart jar, approx 5 tsp of dye to 1 qrt of water and then added to the pot.

Here is the wool simmering, yummy deep red.

The wool was simmered for 15 minutes total and then the water was dumped and the wool was allowed to come to room temp. It was rinsed repeatedly and is now drying. As it dried we were able to see a couple of spots under the ties that did not quite get enough dye and a small amount of gradation in the color, hense the necessity to overdye.

I LOVE the color. It is perfect. The wool is a fingering weight and it bloomed a bit in the dyeing process and it feels lovely. I'm going to use the wool to knit up a pair of Clessidra stockings for me. I purchased the cone of wool back in May so I am a bit anxious to begin this project.


Anonymous said...

OOoh! Very pretty color!


Rachel said...

Wow! Nice job, what a lovely color!

Emily said...

That'll look really pretty as Clessidra. Great dye job.