Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Extravaganza!

Combine a tiki themed wedding shower with lots of rum, a dinner with fabulous italian food, beer at a Irish pub, a GIANT bus filled with women, and ending it all at a Wine Bar/ Chocolaterie and you get a Saturday of fun!

Oh and did I mention chocolate?

Holy crap on a stick batman was that stuff good!!!!!! I think that may require a return trip for the wedding weekend. I split the trio of custards with Liz and it was heavenly (add to that 2 pots of french pressed coffee). What a perfect end to the evening of fun and a weekend of staying up WAY too late.

Tweet is doing very well in her new home and she is whipping the boys into shape. I'm so glad I made the decission to find her a new place to live. She is going to be much happier with her flock. The house is a lot quieter without her and that does make me sad, but she is so happy in her new home.

Sarah was an excellent driver and even drove all the way back on Sunday so I could knit (she's a real pal). I finished the body of the Dikinson sweater up to the underarms and I have one sleeve nearly complete, just a couple more inches. I may be able to start the other sleeve tonight once I am done with my homework.... Baronial candidates meet and greet is Wednesday and P and I need our candidates questions done and submitted by Tuesday.

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Angie said...

Finally found this blog...yay! I'm glad you had a good time. And Cocoliquot is fantastic. The 9 textures of chocolate is to die for also.

Maybe we can go there for another dessert after the Essen Haus. Except we'd all explode.