Thursday, January 24, 2008

Delivering presents

1 directly and the other via courier.

DJ got his 12th Night gift and I must say he was very happy with the blocks. I suspect he will warm up to the book later.

The other gift was a mini Kransakage made out of the leftover dough and icing. I had the perfect amount to do 10 rings and ice them all. I think I'm getting better at this treat. Now I just need to purchase a tip adaptor for my cookie press and I don't have to roll the coils by hand anymore. The person it was for was not at the meeting so I handed the delivery off to another and it reached it's destination in one piece.

I'm still trying to decide why the woman at Sweet Celebrations said that I needed 3 cans of almond paste to make this dessert. The recipe calls for 1 can and, as you can clearly see, that was enough for one and 2/3's Kransekage. Ever since the store stopped being Maid in Scandinavia the service has gone straight down the toilet. A good half of the people who work there don't know anything about what they are selling.

My next lefse class is Feb 4th and I'm going to add Flat brot to the class. Guess I need to practice first.

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caillie said...

The mini one looks as good as the first one!! Congrats!!!! Good Luck on the class- I would love to make Flot bread. I only know how to do Lefse.