Monday, January 21, 2008

Tasty treats

12th Night is over and everyone ate. According to reports they ate well, and if they didn't no one told me.

Pictures of pretty treats!

Nut tofee from Ingus

Pretty little Bundt cakes from Birdkiller (Martha Stewart eat your heart out!)

Rose tart from Margaretta, Onion tart from Alinore, various cookies from myself and others.

The Kransekake and Rose Marion's plum tart and Sorcha's gingerbread.

More lovely dessert trays with home made breads, cakes and cookies.

Alinore's Plum Tart from the December Cook-A-Long, Samia's cheese cake and more lovely things!

This is my first Kranzekake and, although my decorating is not the best, it tasted wonderful and people seemd to enjoy it. The Kranzekake roughly translates to "Crown cake" and it is traditionally served at Norwegian weddings. I have some leftover dough and frosting and I'm going to bake up some more rings to eat. I will deffinately make this dessert again.

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caillie said...

It looks great!!! I am glad it tasted as good as it looked!!!