Wednesday, January 23, 2008

UFO update

UFO = unfinished objects, as in knitted objects that are unfinished.
According to Lime and Violet proper UFO's are items that are currently on needles. That being the case I only have 1 UFO.

The Plimoth gloves in the smaller size are currently on my needles. The left hand glove is done and needs to have the ends woven in. The right glove hand is complete and the index finger has been started. I should be able to finish the glove this Thursday at knitting. Once this pair (and the large gloves) are washed, blocked and dry I can pack them up with the leftover yarn and send them back to Plimoth.

I'm going to be sending my notes to correct the patterns too. Ahem....

I have not cast on the second flat cap or the silk stockings and I think the flat cap is going to win out as the next project.

Everyone is having babies and I need to make baby stuff soon. It's a bunch of girls, yay!

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