Monday, January 28, 2008

Foodie goodness

I was taken to a new place full of culinary goodness on Sunday. The place is called Vom Fass, which roughly translates to "from the barrel". As the name suggests the store originates in Germany and specializes in selling specialty oils, vinegars, liquors, scotch, pretty much anything aged that you can drink or cook with.

I purchased 2 types of oils (Thistle and Madonia Olive oil) I purchased 2 balsamic vinegars as well (an Apple blend and a Lemon and Ginger blend). You get to go around the whole room and try all the oils and vinegars and the Scotch (but the employee serves you)! It was a lot of fun and I could see myself buying lots at this store! Everything was highly tasty!

If you get to Madison, WI I highly recommend visiting the store!

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Sorcha said...

They sell scotch?? That beats my trip today right out the door...I went to The Good Food Store in Rochester to buy a pecan/spelt burger, which I was craving. Took Aletheia with me and found out she'd not ever been there. Lost her in the spices and teas and oils areas. Also got myself some Chocolate Underground yogurt. The scotch would have been more fun, I think.