Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gunnister Gloves Complete

Gunnister gloves L&S
Originally uploaded by Valkyr8

I finished the smaller pair, wove in the ends, washed it and the larger pair and they are packed and ready for the mail.

P is wearing the large gloves, which fit him perfectly, and I am wearing the smaller gloves, which fit me perfectly. I trust that they will fit an average men's and woman's hand at the Plantation as well.

The yarn did not really soften up in the wash so I still find them to be quite scratchy.

The quilt was made by my grandmother and I think the pattern is "Dresden Plate". It's machine pieced and hand quilted.


caillie said...

Very nice Quilt! Gorgeous gloves!! You did a great job on the fingers and wrist!!!

Jessica Voss said...

What is the history on the gloves? Obviously to do with SCA, but for a particular event or activity?