Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Went to the DFL caucus last night and I really enjoyed it. I have never been to a caucus before and it was very interesting. I deffinately will try to make future caucuses because of the experience.

I brought the silk stockings I am working on (I've started a second cuff and I think it looks better than the first). There were a bunch of ladies all around me who were interested in what I was doing. P and I arrived at 7:30 and left a little after 9. We parked a couple blocks away from the school and walked. There were a LOT of people and accessing the parking lot for the school was insane.

When we got home we got a surprise from our cat Lenny. He had gotten in a fight on Friday and had received a significant puncture wound from another cat. We discovered this Friday night, opened the wound, drained the puss, cleaned the area thoroughly and generally kept an eye on it. He perked right up when we drained it and it appeared to be healing just fine.

Not so.

When we returned from the caucus last night the right side of his face was noticeably swollen, so off we went to the emergency vet clinic. They were great and I highly recommend them! They determined he had an abscess. Lenny was able to be seen right away, they examined him, sedated him and flushed out the wound and put in a temporary drain. He has 14 days of oral antibiotics to take and he needs to have the drain remain in for 3-5 days, and his cool plastic collar.

He is not happy at all, but he will be fine.

P is working from home today keeping Lenny company, giving him his antibiotic and trying to coax him with kibble and cuddles. I went home over lunch and helped clean the incision with diluted hydrogen peroxide.


caillie said...

At least you tried to make him better with what you could do right away. I is just sad it wasn't enough. He did get what he needed and I am glad he will be ok!!! BOYS!!!

Rachel said...

AAaaaww. Poor Lenny! Those collars make pets so miserable. Safe, but miserable.

Liz said...

He has a follow-up at his regular vet on Sat. so I think we can take out his drain and collar then if everything has healed well. His spirits are much improved this morning.

Sarah said...

poor kitty

Constanza said...

Pets are never happy when they have to wear those, but he will get better.
I'm glad you went to the caucus. I was a bad polisci major and didn't.