Monday, February 25, 2008


All hail the QUEEN OF NARNIA, bitches.
Tilda Swinton ALLOWS lesser actresses to live, just remember that.


Emily said...

Hee, so true! I'm going to have to watch Michael Clayton now. I didn't even realize she was in it. Between that win and the one for the song from Once, I had a nice, happy Oscars night.

Liz said...

She still shouldn't be allowed to dress herself, but I love her.

Jon Stewart made me love him even more when he invited Marketa Irglova back onstage to deliver her acceptance speech for winning Best Song with Glen Hansard for "Falling Slowly".

The orchestra was a bit quick on the draw for some winners last night.

Emily said...

Oh, I know. My sister and I were IM'ing through most of the awards and the first thing she said when Tilda Swinton won was "She needs a stylist." And I have to say that not only was Jon Stewart awesome for bringing Marketa Irglova back out but that what seems to be a fairly shy woman was able to deliver a gracious speech in a language that isn't even her first in a flustering situation.

Constanza said...

She absolutely needs fashion advice. There were comments the next day in the StarTrib on Tilda wearing the scariest garbage bag.