Monday, February 11, 2008

Lefse and Flat Brod

I brought my lefse griddle over to my friend's house on Sunday and held a private class on baking lefse and, later in the day, flat brod. I had made up 2 batches of lefse a week ago Sunday for my class on 2-4. Unfortunatly no one signed up for my Community Ed class so I was stuck baking up the batches on my own. I baked up one batch last Monday and decided to take the second batch to my friend's place and teach her, her daughter and another friend. It was fun!

I also had a chance to try my cousin's recipe for Flat Brod, which her family makes for special occassions. I think it was more time consuming to bake up than the lefse. Each piece is browned on the griddle and then it goes into the oven, set at 225, to continue to dry. Each piece takes a few minutes on the griddle and then 15 minutes to finish in the oven. I spread out the pieces on the oven rack and was able to rotate them out as I continued to bake. It worked out pretty well. The recipe made 17 pieces, roughly 12" diameter.

We ate the flat brod with a lovely dinner of venison sausage, a variety of cheeses, pickled herring, garlic, olives, and fresh fruit. It was heavenly!


caillie said...

I am glad you got to have fun with it even if no one originally showed up. So is Flat Brod like a cracker??

Constanza said...

I imagine it's kind of like a pan bread, except drier. I made bread for Hrodir last year on my Viking bread pan that was similar, except that it wasn't dried in an oven after cooking it.
Can you send me the recipe for the flat brod?

Liz said...

It's basically a big cracker. Think baked tortilla chips, but the base grain is wheat instead of corn.

The recipe is posted over on SCA bakers and in my LJ.