Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bracing myself

After many years I finally decided to purchase a Neti Pot. I have been told by many who already use one that it is THE BEST thing they have ever found. I have not brought myself to using it, yet.

The brand we purchased is sold by Sinucleanse, and I bought it at Walgreens.

I have seasonal allergies, which occasionally transform into sinus infections so this product is ideal for me. The problem is I am worried about the sensation. I have had my sinuses flushed 2 times in my life and I was under general anesthesia both times. When I woke up from this procedure I was in terrible pain. I was 11 when I last experienced this and the memory is not diminished after nearly 30 years.

There really is nothing left to do but suck it up and give it a try. The online videos show it to be very simple and not painful (except the guy who put Single Malt scotch in his Neti Pot, wow) so I should have nothing to worry about.


caillie said...

I use mine once in awhile the trick is not to put very much salt solution in. Too much burns the passages. Otherwise becareful of the tempature of the water not too hot but warm enough to move everything thru. I tend to have to tip my head forward more to get it to drain right. Good Luck!!!

Bunny Queen said...

I've had sinus surgery twice and have also done the home sinus flush. The worst thing I can say about the home version is that it's a bit like getting water up your nose when you swim - not really painful, just weird.

My doc recommended that I add a pinch of baking soda (or is it powder? Arm & Hammer, whichever that is) to the mix to adjust the pH. It seemed to help a lot for me. Take some time and experiment. It took me a week or so to find the "right" way to hold my head so that the water actually went into my sinuses.

Courtney said...

My mom got one of these. She has dry sinuses that are exacerbated by being in dry airplanes all the time because she is a flight attendant. She now swears by it. I hope you end up being okay with it because I hear that nasal irrigation helps a lot with nose and ear related wonkiness.

Jonya said...

I use a neti pot. I should use it more often! Benefits are real as you are reading from the other posts. I'm glad to read bunny queen's comment; I'd not thought about modifying the formula and will try this.

Those earlier flushes you had were going way up into your head, I imagine. Otherwise I can't imagine why they would want you to be asleep? I do not think neti pots get into the passages on top of your head and behind the ears, unless I'm doing it wrong. Which is why I'm mentioning it; someone here will know.