Friday, March 28, 2008

Old reliable

I dug my bike out of the garage yesterday. I can safely say that I have not ridden it for several years. It's a cute bike: one speed with coaster brakes, but I don't need anything fancy.

I bought it years ago for $50 when I lived in Chicago. I did not own a car at the time so my bike (along with public transit) was how I got around. I would ride it to get groceries quite frequently so it has a basket on the front and collapsible basket on the rear wheel. It also has a bell. When I first moved back to MN I didn't have a car for about a year and I rode my bike to and from work every day.

My goal is to ride my bike to and from work no less than 2 times a week. It will be great exercise for me, and easier on my wallet. I took my bike to Erik's Bike Shop in Woodbury to get an estimate for tuning it up. The total is $44, which is less than a tank of gas currently so already it's worth it. I live about 5 miles from work and there is a pretty convenient bike trail between my home and work. A new bike that is comparable to mine runs between $250.00 and $500.00.


My bike will be ready on Monday, just before we are expecting more snow and rain. Oh well.

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Constanza said...

I'm itching to get my bike out. I'm only 3 miles from work but I despise biking when it is wet outside. I haven't done the tune up yet, which I usually do myself.