Monday, March 10, 2008

"The Day of Mamoth Projects"

According to a book on horoscopes that I was introduced to this weekend that would be my birthdate. How fitting.

Friday G2 and I left for Korsvag with "Bruce" and one of my wedge tents. We had a lovely stop in Alexandria for dinner and got to Fargo around 10:30. We stayed up late talking with our hosts, but not too bad. We rose at a liesurely time, ate breakfast and went to the site, about 2 blocks from their house. We loaded in Bruce, set him up and got him warmed up (which took a while since it was COLD in the car).

We started working on the tent around 10:30-10:45 ish and were folding the finished tent at 5. There were 4-5 people who came for the class and participated in various parts of the class. Everyone who wanted to got a chance to work with Bruce. We made a 10' wide wedge and I think it went very well.

I get especially smug when the "leftovers" from cutting and sewing the tent consist of this:

I love it.

Dinner was a Mongolian Buffet place called the Hu Hot. It was fantastic!

The evening was spent hanging out, enjoying scotch, enjoying beer, knitting, socializing, and a brief intervention, which was as sucessful as one could expect. Oh well. The evening went late, no surprise.

We got up and had a lovely breakfast and more socializing with a grinning baby. I finished silk stocking #2 so I suceeded in making a pair in 39 days, which is awesome! I'm going to work on some other projects before starting pair #2.

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Ingus said...

Quick hijack, I wanted to pick your brain on something-- freezing cooked cabbage. One of the recipes I'm making for lunch for Coronation is called a pickled cabbage but basically comes down to a cooked slaw-- boiled cabbage with a wine, mustard and caraway dressing. I'm going to try it out at home first, aof course, but as a general rule, do you think this would be okay if made several weeks ahead of time and frozen (since St Paddy's is this week, I figure the cabbage prices should be good) or do you think that the freezing will turn it unpalatable? I'll try it with the single cabbage I've already purchased to try out the recipe, but thought you might know already that it will be fine or that it will become something nastier than the water run-off of cold lutefisk.