Thursday, April 17, 2008

Almost there....

I have 1 inch left to work before I start the toe decreases on the first stocking. I don't know WHY this one is taking so much longer? Maybe I'm loosing my head of steam, I don't know.

It looks fantastic and I'm excited to have the pair done. I think I'm looking at early-mid May as my completion date for the pair. It will be nice to have my obligations done and can move on to other projects.

I'm teaching a class on Knitting period stockings at Jara's 35th anniversary, which will help me work out the kinks for the class I am teaching on the same subject at Lilies. I am very excited for these classes and I hope that they go well. I'm planning to knit wool stockings for Eleanore and I completed a second smock for her this week. I need to start planning her wardrobe additions for the year. I think the wool stockings and woven garters will suffice, but I need to see how her gowns from last year are fitting.

I think I finished enough sewing last night that I can make it to knitting tonight.

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