Wednesday, April 02, 2008

On the road again

The snow continues to melt, it should reach the 50's this weekend, and my bike is rideable again.

The threads on the left hand nut that held the bottom bracket in place (this is the item that the arms for the pedals and the main drive gear is attached to) stripped out, causing the nut to come off, and everything going wonky. I brought the bike back to Erik's, they checked the bottom bracket out to make sure the threads on the shaft were still sound (it looked fine), cleaned everything off, replaced the nut and it works just great again.

No charge, of course.

I bought a padded cover for my seat. I had forgotten about the errant spring on the right side of the seat, but now all is golden for riding to and from work. I'd like to give it a shot on Thursday, but I'm sure it will be raining, maybe I should wait until Monday to give the snow on the side of the road more time to melt.

I still have my bike in the van and I'm considering taking a lunch hour ride on the Bruce Vento Regional Trail that begins near work.

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Emily said...

I love that they've converted old rail lines into trails. I kind of miss the Luce Line right now.