Monday, April 07, 2008

Babylon 5

P picked up all 5 series of Babylon 5 at Best Buy last week. Sunday we sat and watched the first 2 disks of Season 1.

My 12 yr old DVD player is having issues. After a while the picture goes funky, or flickers on and off, or completely off and I'm left with just sound. I decided to switch out the DVD player in the LR with the newest one in the sewing room. I also took the opportunity to thoroughly clean the TV cabinet. This required moving it, removing each electric component, dusting each item, vacuuming behind the cabinet and each shelf and washing each shelf down. It was long overdue, but now it is nice and clean.

We came home from the event Saturday night and Sunday was raining and cold so it was the perfect day to stay inside, cook and clean.


Courtney said...

OMG! You guys like B5 too? I'm a complete B5 nerd. My brother and I went to the last big convention years ago shortly after the show ended. It was awesome.

Constanza said...

I didn't like it at first and made a lot of fun of it. Then I decided to actually watch it, and really enjoyed it. I only have season one so I'm really jealous.

Liz said...

I think I prefer Farscape better, B5 starts off kind of slow, whereas Farscape really grabbed me right out of the gate.

It's wild to watch the earlier episodes, especially knowing all that is to come in the future plot developments.

How can one not love B5 with Londo shouting "Vir" or hissing "G'Kar!" Fantastic! I even have signed photos of Stephen Furst and Jason Carter.

constanza said...

Londo is by far my favorite character. Honestly, who wouldn't like Londo Mollari? My 2nd favorite is Garibaldi.

Courtney said...

Romantic that I am, I'm a sucker for John and Delenn. Season three is my favorite for that reason. That and the Shadow War was awesome. I love Farscape as well--D'Argo was my favorite, which is why I cried at the end of The Peacekeeper Wars movie.