Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pavilion repair

It's done.

Thanks to Padruig for serving as a reference, and folding it up afterwards. I'm pleased with it, and it's a really nice size. I used 6' high poles on the side and I had to shim up the center to 10' 6.5". I'm thinking it would make more sense to raise the sides to 6.5' and then raise the center to an even 11'. I'd bring a shim for the center just in case cause sometimes the Sunforger likes to stretch..... It's roughly 14' x 14' square and it uses 12 poles on the side and 1 center pole.

Not a bad shade at all. I still need to sew a stake bag and a carrying bag for the canvas, but that will happen on Monday.


Rachel said...

Very nice! I like the edges, the way they come down like a box over the top of the poles. Has Patruig lost weight? It looks like it!

Sarah said...

very nice