Friday, April 25, 2008

A different route

Considering how beautiful Wednesday was, and the fact that the weather was going to turn rather cold and rainy the rest of the week, I decided to take a different route home. I picked up the Bruce Vento Trail behind the Downtowner Car Wash and headed towards Mound Boulevard and the bluffs via the newly opened Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary.

The trail starts on 4th street east and takes you under 52 in front of some small businesses (one was having a cook out). I remember driving through this area about 2-3 years ago and it was pretty desolate. The brick building was warehouses for storage as far as I could tell. The place was pretty popular for dumping as there were lots of garbage and really no road to speak of. There was a small stream that ran down the center of what was the road. I wasn't sure what I would find now.

Pretty nice! You can see a lot of the old rail systems (probably the old street car rails) and there is a stream that runs the length of the trail and feeds out into the Mississippi. Massive difference from what I saw before and the trail is lovely. It was absolutely worth it to take this detour. The trail takes you up to Mounds Blvd. pass the old Lowertown Depot.

The hill up to the aircraft tower on Mound is brutal and I ended up pushing my bike up the steep incline. Hills are hard with a bike with only one gear. The Indian Mounds have certainly greened up with the recent rain.

The view of St. Paul was a bit hazy, bit still pretty nice. I could easily see my normal route down by the river.

The ride through the park itself was pretty nice, some hills but mostly flat. The route leads you through a nice glade of trees and then to the pedestrian bridge that crosses over Warner Road.

The path then meets up with my normal route on the Point Douglas Bike Path that runs along 61 to Battle Creek Regional Park. It took me much longer to get home, but I wasn't really trying to stick with a schedule, I was simply enjoying the ride and the weather.

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