Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ball winder

I used G2's ball winder at knitting last night and wound the 2 skeins of silk and 1 skein of flax that I purchased at Shepherd's Harvest this past weekend. I also wound one of her skeins that was lying around since I had the swift and winder out. I should have wound the yarn for her sheep too, but I didn't see them. Oh well.

Setti dyed yarn and it looked cool. I finished the gusset decreases on the foot of stocking #2. I have 12 more repeats left and I can start the toe decreases. If I work hard I could have the stockings washed and blocked Wednesday night and ready to go in the mail on Friday. This means I will have the pair to Drea before Memorial Day weekend, which was my goal. It will be nice to have that project done. I have learned so much.

Tonight is attempt #2 of setting up the pavilion canopy at Fighter's Practice. The predicted rain is either going to ruin this attempt, again, or it will pass along to the north and we will be fine. Either way I'm handing over the bundle of canvas to someone from Silfren.

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