Saturday, May 17, 2008

Is Knitting hazardous?

Conversation at the St. Paul Post Office

Post office employee: Any liquids, fragile, hazardous contents?
Me: No, unless knitting is considered hazardous?
PO: ::blink:: What's in the package?
Me: Knitting
PO: No, I don't think I would call that hazardous. How much insurance do you want?
Me: $100.00
PO: ::blink:: $100 worth of knitting?
Me: Yes! 1000+ yards of hand dyed lace weight silk, $100 doesn't even cover the almost 2 months it took me to knit the stockings.
PO: You can knit with silk?
Me: Oh yeah, you can knit with all kinds of stuff.
PO: I didn't know that, but then I'm not really 'in the loop'. But I guess that is more crochet.
Both: ::Laugh::

It's nice finding a post office employee with a sense of humor, bonus that they actually know fiber craft.

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