Monday, May 19, 2008

Balling yarn

Saturday I went to Bachmans and purchased some plants for the front garden, and 3 tomato plants and herbs for the pots in the back. I also purchased a longer hose so that I could reach the front garden easier. I'm hoping I won't have to water the garden every day this week, but it will depend if the rain is not what they predicted.

I made better acquaintance of G2's ball winder on Sunday. She and Setti were planting the front yard, which will now include a rather substantial flower bed and I wound yarn into lovely cakes for myself and both of them. I wound some Cascade 220 for a Felted Sheep Kit for G2. I wound the hand dyed sock weight yarn for Setti. I think I liked the skein that had more green and red/ purple colors. It was more subtle. G2 split her hand dyed yarn with me. I wound 2 balls for her and the colors are just glorious! I can't remember what the base yarn is, or when she dyed it, but it is skeined and off the inkle loom, along with the hank of camel colored wool.

I also wound the 4 skeins of lace weight that I bought from Knit Picks and one of the 2 balls of hand dyed silk that I skeined and then wound. Much nicer to work with it in a center pull cake.

After gardening and ball winding we went to PetSmart to get items for the birds in our lives. Mine are wild and her's live in a cage. We went to Panera for a snack and coffee and poured over the swatch for the Eleanor cuff, the original photos and my chart. Overall I think we reached the same conclusions about the original and my interpretation. Bonus, we made some new discoveries about the pictures we had both looked at a number of times. That was a lot of fun and it's great to bounce ideas off someone who has a lot more experience knitting than I do.

Sunday night I sat and worked on the stockings for my apprentice Eleanor. I need to provide her with clothes this year and since her garb from last year still fits, I'm going to focus on wool hose and woven garters for her.

I need to get my Henry loom functional this week for G2.

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thanks for making the cakes for me.