Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cirsium arvense

Also known as the Canada Thistle, aka the bane of my raised garden bed. Every day I pull out a bucket of roots.

I don't think the battle will ever be over and I just hope that the small crops I plant will be able to compete. The roots are everywhere and prolific. I'm not sure if Preen would help at this point.


Alwen said...

The good news is that if you dig it out year after year, it does get tired eventually of coming up from little root bits.

The bad news is the digging it out year after year!

Liz said...

That's my game plan at present. Good news, I currently love my garden and I love getting rid of this plant. Bad news, I pretty much need to do it every day.

K said...

wow, thats the 'spiky' thing I keep digging out of my yard. So far so good but I'll keep an eye out.

setembrina said...

i used to pour boiling salt water onto mine