Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More garden

I planted the seedlings Tuesday afternoon. Naturally I had to do some weeding first (stupid thistles, but I seem to have them on the run somewhat). I planted 4 pepper plants and 10 tomato plants. I see canning in my future.....

I rigged up a string ladder system using a couple uprights and the fence for the tomatoes. We'll see how it goes. They survived all the wind last night just fine so this might work great. I need to set up the string for the peas to start climbing, they are about 10" tall already and are starting to grip each other. I also need to pick up more mulch and get it down around the rest of the plants. The six bags only went so far on Saturday. The temp soared to 97 degrees on Tuesday and it's supposed to get to 95 today. Weird front! I laid down the soaker hoses that I purchased and I think they are a more efficient way to distribute water to the plants than the oscillating sprinkler. I gave everything a good drink before going to work.

Tonight I need to rip my center pole, fit the metal sleeve and cut it to length. I should be able to use my spokes and hub from my oval to set up the new tent, but anything could happen. I made the toggles for the doors and sewed them on when I was done with my yard work. I'm excited to see if the design works. I don't think I'll make it to knitting on Thursday, I need to do a dry run on setting up my tent and then I need to pack. Too much to do to get ready for the weekend.

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