Monday, May 04, 2009

More plants

I picked up some more herbs at the Farmers Market on Saturday.

French Tarragon
Italian parsley

I toyed with getting a Bay Laurel, but I would need to grow it in a pot and overwinter it. Not sure I want to do that....

Everything except the Fennel and Dill went in the herb bed. I weeded the raised garden some more on Saturday after the Living Green Expo. I got a free plant, a Solomon's Seal, for filling out a survery. I added it to my new perennial bed. I really enjoyed the Expo. Tons to see and I picked up some nice swag: another Target bag, a blinky light for riding/ walking at dusk, pamphlets, Living Green Magazine, Poo paper. To get the blinky light I had to sign a pledge that I would find an alternative route to work and commute this way at least once between now and June. Today I dusted off my bike and road to work. I am WAY out of shape, but I made it on time. I'm giving blood after work at 5 and I'm going to pick up a transit pass and schlep my bike home on the bus afterwards. Probably not the smartest thing to ride home a pint low. It looks like tomorrow will have thunderstorms so I'm going to take the bus. I hope to ride the rest of the week, I need to get back into the habit. It was a lovely ride this morning, too bad the route home is all up hill.


Merouda said...

So far, my efforts to overwinter a Laurel have been pretty successful.

As for the potted plant, I'm finding that it can make it a winter in the house, and then it dies at some point in the second winter. Depending on my harvest and habit of use, one bay tree will get me through several years of cooking. If you like bay, the plant is completely worth it.

Liz said...

I am mostly interested because it's Laurel, so I'm not sure if I should be investing energy on, what is essentially, a whim. Too bad I live in the wrong zone for one.