Friday, January 19, 2007

The 'Artist' formerly known as...

I think 25 people in all ended up at Mosaic on a Stick. Mostly SCA folks but my cousins came as well as one of P's former work mates. I think everyone had a good time and enjoyed looking around the space. It is a lovely place! Cudos to Lori and Maria for convincing P to take them up on their offer to host the gathering. It was a grand time and they are fabulous!

Here is the finished piece in all of her glory! It measures 2' x 2' and the tiles are less than a 1/4" square. P estimates that there are 5,000 hand cut tiles in this piece. The Griffin is taken from a group of beasts depicted in a 13th c. mosaic in Italy. The compass roses in the border are a Northshield touch.

Other photos from the evening and some work in progress shots of the Griffin can be seen in my photobucket account.


Merouda said...

That's really wonderful. He's very talented. I'd like to learn to do that, someday.

Linda said...

How wonderful. That is incredible-it really takes my breath away.

Wow - thanks for sharing.