Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year and Holiday re-cap

I am very re-miss in writing about my holiday exploits; my only excuse is I was having too much fun enjoying my holidays with family and friends to spend time writing about it on my computer. Now that I am back at work the procrastinating can commence.

Christmas was spent at the Goodoien's in Lonsdale MN on 12-23. The rain and snow that we received on the 21st turned the trees that lined the freeway into white crystal and our breath was taken away more than a few times as we traveled south.

The gathering was wonderful as it is every year. Lots of catching up, lots of laughter, lots of music (there are a number of professional and amature musicians in my family) and lots of food naturally. My uncles, cousins and I planted ourselves around the herring plate and ate until we were sick. I had planned to make carmels, but ended up making toffee as I neglected to pay close attention and my candy thermometer shot past 146 to 150 degrees. The toffee was delicious (tasted just like Wherthers)and I may screw up again in the future. My cousin's oldest was home from OR with his girlfriend and announced that they are engaged! I'm very happy as she is a wonderful person and they seem to really compliment each other. She also knits and has taught her future sister's in law this skill, which I am all for!

I picked up 5 balls of cotton on Thursday and whipped up 8 dishcloths by Saturday and handed them all out at the gathering to my aunts and cousins. My sister got a gift card for Home Depot so she can get some color on her walls. She purchased a bird feeder for dad from the two of us and I purchased new pot holders for Mom from the two of us (I also threw in a couple of cotton dishcloths for mom). This year I was pretty light on gifts (broke) and I did not send out holiday cards again. Maybe I can get my act together by 12th night, but I doubt it. I just wish I had something interesting to share with people, but my life is pretty boring right now. Kate got me travel books for Australia (I really want to go and visit Jen and Bruce) and she brought me back a necklace from her trip in October. She also got me a gift card for Target. Mom and Dad got me gift cards for Borders and Best Buy. I think I will be purchasing Doctor Who Season 1 (new season) from Borders.

My friends in Madison announced that they got engaged on the 16th and will be getting married sometime in the Fall. P and I met them for breakfast Christmas Eve day and I was asked to be a bridesmaid. I am very excited (it's been a while) and I'm looking forward to perusing various dress styles on the 7th. Currently a strapless number at David's Bridal is in the running and I like it just fine. The entire bridal section will average 5'5", with me towering over them at 6' in heels. I predict that the photographer will be using stairs and making me take a step down in every shot. LOL!

December 27th P and I got to meet our un-god son. We are the un-god parents as DJ is anything but un-godly. He is an angel.

This is my "sister" Aurelia who was visiting from Boston and is holding DJ. Please notice the cute self striping socks that he is wearing. The sweater is still on hold as I have been too nervous to attempt steeking, but I did finish the second sleeve. I started a hat to go with the ensemble and he should be able to wear everything by next winter (it's a size 1 yr+).

The whole un-god thing is very confusing for many, so here is a quick clarification. P and I are not the official God parents for DJ, but his parents do want us to have some role and as niether of us are members of any church they came up with the term "un-god parents" and thought that worked. I thought it worked nicely as well.

Christmas Day was spent in MN with P and I exchanging gifts for each other and ocassionally rearranging a cat who had laid across our laps, feet or head. I got him a gift card for Best Buy and he got me the Muppets Season 1, which we promptly watched most of on Monday.

We had been invited to a number of New Year gatherings but because of the icy roads topped with snow (finally!!!) we decided to stay home and watched DVD's with our neighbors. We barely made it to midnight (too old) and toasted the dropping of the ball with Oscars (yum).

I slept in past 10 am each day this last weekend and felt decadent.

New Years day we joined T and L for breakfast at Key's cafe and I ate way too much. When we got home I took advantage of the beautiful day and fresh snow and took a luxurious walk through Battle Creek park. I ran across fresh deer tracks, but no deer. There were many walkers (with and without dogs) and cross country skiers on the trail enjoying the fresh snow and bright sun. I will post my pictures later. The scenery was truly breathtaking. What a wonderful way to bring in the New year!

Tonight Liz is bringing DJ over for a visit and we are making lefse. I may post my pictures from the trail before she shows up, but we will see. Tonight I'm making an effort to fit in a pilates work out. One of my resolutions is to work out. I don't care if I lose weight, I just want to be more toned, especially if I'm wearing a strapless number in the Fall.

A very happy 2007 to all and your's. May it be better than 2006.

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