Monday, January 22, 2007

Buns and thighs

Had my 1 hour free with a personal trainer on Friday and had my ass kicked. Dang, I'm surprised I could walk on Saturday and stairs were a bit interesting. Sandy worked me hard, but I'm glad for it since I really felt some change. Went back on Sunday and did everything over again and still managed to get out of bed and make it to work today.

If I can keep this up 3 days a week I should be able to go back to the FIRM when my 8 week pass is over and continue on. I completed 1 week sucessfully and have started week #2 on track. Fingers crossed that I don't get lazy.

I started pair #3 of the stockings with clocks and have over 3 inches on the needles. I'm doing 2 at a time so I will be finished with both at the same time. Tonight is SnB and the return of Heroes!!! The baby sweater and hat are washed and blocked and the buttons are waiting to be sewn on when it is dry! I also mailed one silk swatch to Mel on Thursday and I'm hoping she likes it. I discovered that the needles are in fact 000 and not 00 as I thought. Oh well. I should be getting my Interweave mags back on Thursday so I can restart the shawl when the stockings are complete. I also bought yarn for Sam's socks and I'm thinking about charting a couple designs from the History of Hand Knitting Book. Could be fun!

I finally took down the tree this past weekend and threw away some things, generally straightened the house, did laundry, swept, started a sponge for bread, vacumed everything and enjoyed the quiet. P got back from Lincoln just fine last night and he had a good time with the Yeti's at War Manuvers.

I need to finish mixing the bread and form the loaves and clean the bathroom when I get home tonight. Maybe pictures of the completed baby ensemble tomorrow.


Linda said...

I heard some nice compliments about the yetis from some folks in Calontir this weekend. Made me smile.

Liz said...

Yay! They all had a good time this weekend. There were 12 fighters from Nordskogen who went down.