Thursday, December 21, 2006


Yep, it's officially the first day of winter.

The huge snow flakes kind of gave it away. I'm really hoping that a lot of people left work early or stayed home in the first place. If not, then the commute will suck since the flakes are landing on a slick layer of ice!

I think I will be staying home tonight so shopping will happen tomorrow, along with making caramels and knitting a billion dish cloths. everything needs to be done by Saturday. Fortunately I have Friday off.
After my errands I can sit at home with the kitties, enjoy my tree, and celebrate the days getting longer.


jen said...

Ooh, so pretty, both the snow and the tree! LA is so warm and un-holiday-like!

Anonymous said...

I love the tree, hate the ice, love the snow and wish there was more. Merry Yule.