Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Isn't this how everyone celebrates?

For my birthday I thought the best thing to celebrate would be to do what I always do each Monday; invite friends into my home, knit, drink coffee, eat cookies and watch something fun on TV.

I baked my "favoritest ever ever ever cake", which is a box mix of Dr. Oetker's German marble cake. I love it and am having the last piece with my lunch today. I picked up dinner from Mavericks. We watched Queen Live at Wembly Stadium, Abba in Concert and rounded out the evening with the Three Musketeers (Oliver Reed and Micheal York in case there was any confusion). I received lovely calls and cards from friends and family wishing me well. I bought a small tree and decorated it on Sunday. It meant having to put away the Halloween village ::sigh::

When I wasn't dancing around the place to "Dancing Queen" I did manage to do some knitting. I ripped apart the sleeve for the baby sweater that has been vexing me and re-started it. It looks 100% better and I'm so glad I did that. I also bought myself a new book for my birthday.

Only problem is I want to knit all the patterns in the book and I have other knitting I must finish first. I stayed up far to late, but it was a lovely day! Now if it could only snow sometime this week it would be perfect.

Sunday P and I went out to dinner at the Glockenspiel and it is deffinately worth a trip back with a large group. The food was great and the atmosphere was lovely. We both had beef rouladen and I had a side of herring while P had a warm pretzel. We rounded out the meal with a piece of Black Forest cake and I had a Weiss Beer. Heavenly.

Fingers crossed that I found a new home for the fuzzy kitty. It couldn't be soon enough as far as Lenny is concerned! None of my signs have been answered so I have to assume that whoever had him doesn't want him back, which is simply insane. He is so cute and sweet. He has no manners, which is a sure sign of his youth. He will shape up in time with some gentle correction and patience.


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you had a good time. I would have a hard time putting a fun book like that down myself.

He is a cutie Kitty, isn't he?!

angie said...

Happy Belate Birthday Liz! Sounds like a rocking birthday to me. Food, Abba and knitting; you can't go wrong there. Hope to see you thursday. Missed you last week.

Guinifer said...

Happy belated birthday. It sounds like it was ideal.