Monday, December 04, 2006

Kitties everywhere

*Crikey!* I have now been named the "cat wrangler". First it was Miss Kitty (all black), now it is "Mittens" (sex TBD). Mittens (brown tabby striped, long hair, with white paws, bib and mustache) was in our back yard when I returned from the Humane Society with Miss Kitty (no chip, alas) Saturday night. With the help of a bowl of food I managed to get her to come closer and hold still long enough for me to grab her.

"Now think about this", P said, "where are you going to put THIS cat?"
"The upstairs bathroom off the sewing room." I replied.

This seemed satisfactory and I proceeded to do a dive, grab and roll and managed to sweep up the new foundling. He/She was very skiddish, but I think that was more from trama and fear than feral tendancies. He/She uses the litter box just fine, is happy being held, loves to be petted and seems to be simply lost. I can't imagine his/ her coat would be so well groomed if he/ she had been on it's own for a couple of months. "Mittens" appears to be older than the first and is very quiet. He/ she does not mind the other cats at all. Mittens will be making a trip to the vet tonight to get scanned for a id chip and I hope the owner sees my signs so I can get this cat home. Somone must be missing "Mittens".

Our leasing manager for the rental office offerred to take both cats, sight unseen, when I called today to see if any of the renters had reported a lost cat. I'm happy to give them the black kitty, but I'm holding out for "Mitten's" owners to come and claim her.

(In actuality I'm a bit uneasy that they would want to take both cats with no hesitations. Uneasy enough that I'm a bit put off. What does that say about me that I would be so suspicious?)

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Sarah said...

It says you care what will happen to the kitties. When we recieved our first two cats (brothers, one passed from a heart condition that we were not aware of), anywho, the lady we got the cats from liked us after telling a couple other people no, I dont know for sure what the selling point was, but I think it might have been that we were willing to have her come see where they were going to live and let her visit them as she saw fit. She only came by once, but I think she was reassured. I should ask T what he would think of another cat again, but so far I've been having not so good of luck, my first one gets sick and dies; and my second has to be put down after working with him for more than a year to correct behavioral issues that couldnt be resolved no matter what we did. :( I miss them both.

Thank you Liz for being so responsible with the kitties, I wish more people were like you, trust me I know some doosies.