Wednesday, December 06, 2006

St Nicholas Day

I hope all of you were good and woke to sweets in your stockings this morning. I woke to kitties by my feet so that is good enough for me.

Not everything was accomplished last night, but first news: My apprentice is having her baby today!!! Guess she found a baby in her stocking this morning cause DJ is on the way! I think it will be a long day for her so good thoughts are being directed towards IN and I will be distracted all day waiting for news.

I did not bake last night. This is very sad but I didn't nearly have enough molasses in the cubbard to make Great Grandma's cookies and I really didn't have any time. I'll see how the week works out. I'd like to bring something with me for my host this weekend, but that may mean I miss the knitting club on Thursday, which is sad indeed.

U and B came for Miss Kitty last night and took her to their vet. I am happy (and relieved) to report that she has a clean bill of health and they have made an appointment to get her shots and fixed. I really hope she gets on ok with their other kitties. I'm so happy that she is going to a good home with good people to take care of her.

P, A and I went to Big Lots and K-Mart to pick up toys for the Tournament today. We will have 2 members of the US Marines as our guest for the Tournament tonight and I can hardly wait. It was a LOT of fun last year and I suspect it will be just as much fun this year.

I wanted to do some more knitting on my shawl last night, but sleep had come upon me and I settled for turning in at a reasonable time. Tomorrow I need to finish stenciling Yeti tabbards so they can go to the event this weekend. Friday I am off to Calontir!

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