Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The owners

Over the last few years we have been adopted by a number of animals and presently count 2 cats and a bird in our family.

Lenny was the first. He came to our house in October in 2000 and decided that this was where he wanted to live. He was part of a litter born on our street and had been taken to live with one of the handymen for the rental complex. He chose to jump ship and went to live with the Petersons. Then he showed up on our doorstop and has stayed ever since.

Nehemiah came next.

He belonged to our neighbors who had more kids than sense and didn't seem too interested in taking care of a cat. This was further evidenced when he was left outside in sub-zero weather for hours at a time. I basically informed them that he was staying with us from now on, which was fine for the dad since he wanted a Rottweiler. Whatever. While Nehemiah and Lenny are not best friends they do sleep on the bed with us each night (one on either side of me or Tim) and spend time chasing each other through the house. It is rare that they end up in a skuffle.

This is Miss Kitty, who went to her new home last Tuesday. When I took her in she was skin and bones but with regular feedings she has fatten up quite nicely. I hear that she is settling in quite well in her new place and is making friends with the other cats.

"Mittens" is still with us and still wanting to be friends with Lenny and Nehemiah. He is an un-neutered male who is very affectionate and uses the litter box very well.

He has a bit of a belly, all of his claws and is increadibly sweet. I'm feeling less hopeful that someone is missing him since my signs have gone unanswered. I won't take him to the Humane Society (they have enough cats that need homes) so I am still working on finding him a home myself.

Some people call themselves pet owners, but anyone who has cats know who really owns who.


Guinifer said...

Homeless cats always break my heart. They take so much damage, yet manage to survive.

Merouda said...

Urm, I love Lenny!

Sarah said...

Oh he is pretty, I like mittens, but then I have a thing for long hairs, I'm going to have to show t the pick and see if he is in a yes maybe mood if you are looking for a home.

all of your other kitties are very pretty too, you lucky girl you.