Sunday, March 11, 2007

Egyptian socks complete

I'm very pleased.

They are so pretty and I already know that they fit so big relief. I have a feeling someone is going to be pouting because they are not wearing Byzantine at their Coronation. Maybe he can change after morning court.

Yarn used: Lang Yarns Jawoll superwash (75% wool, 18% poly, 7% acrylic)
3 skeins of dark red: 83.0061
2 skeins black: 83.0004
1 skein of white: 83.0001
1 skein of yellow: 83.0043

I have enough yarn left over that I am considering knitting up a small bag as per the instructions in the recent issue of Filum Areum.

Currently I have picked up the Icarus Shawl that has been on hold since the months of stockings lately. This is my second lace project and it is challenging, but not too bad.


Jinx said...

Your socks look just great!

Sarah said...

So I was going over some pics on the NSGallery of the "An Artful Haire Affaire" and was wondering does the blue ribbon mean first place for your socks? And man were you in a lot of great pics :D. YEA you!!!
See you Wednesday, YarnHarlot Represent!

Liz said...

Well I did get a first, but the "ribbon" was simply a token from Her Maj. They were all multiple colors so the blue for me was just a coincidence.

See you Wed.