Friday, March 16, 2007

Icarus shawl

I'm onto the FIFTH repeat of rows 19-42. Currently I only have 36 more rows to go before I can change the stitch pattern. I'm getting a bit bored right now so I am looking forward to the change. I think it looks pretty nice, although lace at this stage really doesn't resemble much other than a blob of string; blocking is magic.

I have been doing really good this week on my workouts. My 8 weeks at Bally's as part of the 2007 National Body Challenge ended on Saturday. My plan was to start working out at home once my free access to a gym was over and so far I have stuck to that promise. I was tempted to join up, especially in the first month, but I know myself, I am not a gym person and quite frankly I am far more likely to work out at home. I have good equipment and tapes. I would love to get an eliptical, but I can't justify the $1,500.

I hung a calendar in the bedroom and I write down what excercise I am going to do each day when I get home (I am NOT a morning excercise person, never have been). I get home, have a quick snack (yogurt, slice of bread, carrot stick) and then do the workout that I assigned that day. Once my workout is done, I check it off and get on with my evening. Some workouts are long, some are short. If I can't find time for 55 mn, then I find time for 20 mn. I'm happy how the week has gone, but we will see if I can stick with it. I want to tone and drop about 10 lbs by June. If I keep up this pace I should be able to do that.


Sarah said...

did you take a look at 2nd hand sports (or whatever its called) They may have an elliptical for less.

Liz said...

2nd hand sports is similar in price for quality. I was shopping for a quality machine that could support P or my weight so I'm stuck looking at more expensive models.

I could get something for under $600 at Sport Authority but P would not be able to use it. He's not interested in using it anyway so that is not much of an excuse anymore. It's something that i would "like" to have but I don't "need" to have it.