Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Final sock pictures

I need to share the images of the nalbinded and felted socks. They turned out so nice. They were worth the wait, even if i did loose a bit of my sanity. :^)

They are white wool, with a small band of purple and gold at the top. The whole sock was felted in a washing machine, but the toes were felted by hand to get them to the final desired shape. They are absolutely beautiful! The woman who made these picked up nalbinding a little over a year ago and she is going great guns! She taught her first class on the subject at Known World Costume Symposium back in November and prior to that she demonstrated nalbinding at the Caponi Demo in July.

I can't wait to hear how the recipient liked them. Well all the recipients. Maybe Her Maj will send back a report? Please?

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Guinifer said...

Those are lovely. Really quite beautiful.