Friday, March 23, 2007


Ok so we didn't make it to NY for Yarn Harlot's book launch, but we gathered to knit, as we do each Thursday, and a number of us worked on socks in her honor. I hope everyone who made it took Manhatten by storm!

I even set Icarus aside to cast on some socks using Onlinie yarn, Supersocke 100, Walking Color #851. It's a pretty multi color green. I'm knitting the body of the sock in a K 3 P1 pattern repeat. I like it. I cast on at our gathering and have approx 4 1/2" knitted.

Sarah brought me back brass knitting wires from Gulf Wars. In comparing them to the 000 and 00 needles that I have at home, they appear to be pretty close in size to the 000, which will be perfect for the silk stockings! I LOVE them! They are so wicked cool!

I have plans to bring my new needles with me to Heralds and Scribes this weekend and work on a knitted bag with the leftover yarn from Hrodir's socks. How fun!

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