Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I have neglected my excercise tapes the last couple days in favor of working in the garden in the sun and fresh air. I might not be burning the same amount of calories, but it is an enjoyable workout, with lovely results.

Tonight I am getting back to the tapes (well DVD's in this case). My new set of Firm DVD's arrived from Amazon yesterday and I am itching to try them out. They should be a lot of fun!

This weekend I was considering a trip to SD, but now it looks like I will be staying home, probably to help my neighbor with her garden, but we shall see if the weather cooporates.


KnitSteph said...

Hi there! Just letting you know that I had to add you to my links and my feed reader! Good to see another fellow blogging SCA knitter type person!

Liz said...

Cool! Oh there are a bunch of us! Knitting is becoming very vogue in the Barony recently.

KnitSteph said...

Oh..I have an SCA blog to if you'd like to see it..