Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Coordinated I am not...

I received my new exercise DVD's on Monday from Amazon and I tried the Complete Aerobics and Weight Training last night.

I liked it.

A lot of the moves were similar to others used in the Firm workouts so it was easy to follow the first time through, although I did manage to slip off the short step and nearly end up on the floor at the beginning of the step routine. I'm just the epitome of grace. There is a reason why I work out at home.

It did incorporate a lot of kick-boxing moves, which I am not that familiar with. I'm sure I will get it after a few more tries, but for now I was doing a bit of flailing about. The work out was approximately an hour and I was good and sweaty by the end. I liked the music on this one better than my other 3. I really enjoyed using my work out stick, it made the squats a lot easier to manage. I'll be giving the abs DVD a try tonight.

On the knitting front, I'm about one inch away from starting the heel flap on my Oniline self striping socks. I want to have them complete for the Yarn Harlot talk on April 4th (week from today). I have heard rumors that the talk is sold out.

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Rachel said...

We missed you last night, see you next Wednesday.