Monday, April 23, 2007

Loving the new doors

I'm sewing the wedges with the alternate door design and I have to say that I LOVE it way more than the old design. It is much easier to work with and there is less waste than the old door design. That's not saying much, since the design is very fabric friendly, but this design is even better. It will also give the tent a wider footprint which will add to the stability. Once again, it is pretty stable to begin with.

I cut out both wedge tents, the shade fly, and the new Yeti shade fly. I completed 2 storage bags, the shade fly, 3 stake bags and did all the initial sewing on the wedge tent components over the weekend. All 4 sets of doors are complete and the 2 roofs are complete. Tuesday will involve sewing the doors to the roofs and adding the ground loops and ropes. Everything should be complete and ready for delivery at the business meeting on Wednesday.

The recipients and I discussed the possibility of sewing a kitchen tent like mine and as far as I can tell they should have enough remaining canvas. I used 58 yards so far so they should have 27 yrds left and they only need 21 for the kitchen shade. Or they can hang onto the canvas if there is something else that they would like.

Tonight I'm helping to cut out 3 spoked rounds and watch HEROS!!! They're back!


KnitSteph/Brangwyne said...

I hope it's ok..I linked you on my SCA blog. :)

Liz said...


Sarah said...

Yea tents, yea heroes :D

I may need to get some canvas so that we can have a kitchen fly, we used to with our old camp but since none of them camp anymore and all there stuff is missing . . .

May your needle be ever sharp and your sewing ever swift.

Emily said...

I know little of tent sewing, but I can at least say yea Heroes!